Privacy / Photography Concerns

Photos & Videos

We respect the privacy of all of our guests as well as their wishes regarding our use of photos & videos.

Please be aware that we may take photos and videos during the tour that may get posted to our social media profiles and/or website. Note that your name will never be published with these photos and you will not be tagged in them. There are two types of photos we take: 

1. Group photos where we announce that the photo is going to be taken. For these shots, you can simply step away from the camera if you do not want to be in them.

2. Candid photos where we capture our guests exploring Panama. If you see a camera out you may want to make an effort to stay out of the shot. If you believe you were in a shot and would like to have it deleted, immediately let the person know who took the photo.

During the first day of the tour please let your tour guide know that you would prefer not to be in any photos. We'll do our best to respect your wishes and not take any photos with you in them. If after the tour you find that we published a photo with you in it just let us know and we will promptly remove it.

You are under no obligation to participate in any videos, photos, or interviews.


We share data with third parties only as needed to operate our website and deliver the services that you request. For example, we share your information with some third-party technology companies for processing payments and handling customer service requests. Before you arrive for a tour your information is also shared with third-party companies we use during the tour. Examples include airport shuttle service, the domestic airline for your flight back to Panama City, and all hotels we stay at during the tour. Also during the tour, we drive through immigration checkpoints and may be required to share your passport information with the immigration authorities.

In all cases, we share as little information as possible with third parties. For example: With our airport shuttle service we only share your name, arrival flight information, and phone number. We do not send them your email address, passport information, home address, etc - because they do not need that information in order to pick you up from the airport.

We do not share your information with third parties so that they can market to you and we never sell, rent, or lease your information out to third parties. Our full privacy policy is published on our website.

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