Are your tours only for Americans?

Our tours are beneficial for anyone who is wanting to move to Panama - no matter which country you are from. We welcome people from all over the world. In 2019, we had tour guests from 29 countries.

The large majority of our tour is suitable for guests from any country. We are primarily focused on Panama's policies & procedures for people moving from a foreign country (ie. how to get a residency visa, driver's license, buy a car, get health insurance, rent a house, etc). In most cases, these policies and procedures are the same regardless of which country you are moving from.

During the tour, we share some information that is specific to U.S. citizens only - for example "Can I get Social Security and Medicare in Panama?" These are U.S. government provided retirement and healthcare benefits. Of course, this wouldn't apply to non-U.S. citizens but it may help you to think of similar questions you would need to explore with the government of your country. Which, if any, services from your government are available to you while living in Panama? We may be less familiar with these issues for non-U.S. citizens but you could contact your government for this information.

We hope this makes it clear that even non-U.S. citizens receive a tremendous amount of valuable information by taking our tour.

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