Food Allergies / Restrictions

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate special diets or food allergies during our tours. The restaurants we visit have preset menus and only limited substitutions may be available. Our tours are best suited for flexible eaters. If you follow a strict diet or have a serious food allergy, our tour may not be a good fit for you.
Breakfast during the tour is usually a buffet and may include things such as eggs, stewed meats, fruits, some kind of bread like toast, or occasionally pancakes.
Example items from lunch & dinner menus include:
  • Panamanian Fish Meal with rice, beans, and coleslaw
  • Panamanian Chicken Meal with rice, beans, and coleslaw
  • Panamanian Pork Meal with rice, beans, and coleslaw
  • Panamanian Meal with rice, beans, and salad (no meat)
  • Caesar Salad with or without chicken or shrimp
  • Cheeseburger with fries
  • Fish Tacos
  • Margarita Pizza
  • Bacon & Honey Pizza
  • Chorizo Pizza
  • Vegetarian Pizza
  • Spaghetti with or without meatballs
  • Lasagna with or without meat
  • Spaghetti Alfredo with or without chicken
Please note the items listed above are intended only as an example. Not all items will be available at every restaurant. Actual menus are determined by the 3rd party restaurants we visit, are subject to change, and are not guaranteed.

Dishes without meat may be prepared with animal products including milk, butter, or chicken broth.

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