Sold Out Tours / Backup List

What Can I Do If a Tour is Sold Out?

We encourage you to reserve space on one of our available tour dates, even if that tour is many months away. This will at least secure your space on a tour in the future.

We also invite you to join our backup list. If we receive a cancellation for a tour you are interested in, we'll notify you of the opening via email.

How Does the Backup List Work?

When we get a cancellation for a sold out tour we notify everyone on the backup list via email. The first person to pay the deposit or notify us they would like to change the date of their existing reservation is who gets the opening. With our backup list you do not have a "place in line". Everyone on the backup list has a shot at getting the reservation regardless of whether you joined the list yesterday or two months ago.

How can I increase my chances of getting on a sold out tour?

  • Get on the backup list for multiple tour dates.
  • Check your email regularly.
  • Once you receive notice of an opening be prepared to quickly leave a deposit or let us know you would like to change your reservation to the new date.

How much notice will I receive about an opening?

We will notify you of an opening as soon as we receive notice of a cancellation. This usually happens 30-60 days before a tour but it can happen many months before or anywhere in between. It rarely happens less than 30 days away from a tour.

Can you call or text me about openings?

Unfortunately, we do not have an automated system in place for notifying you by phone or text. Our backup list is too large for us to manually call or text people on the list. So, no, we can not call or text you about openings.

Why Does a Tour Sell Out?

We are a small company and only have the capacity to offer 2-3 tours each month. Our tours are limited based on the number of hotel rooms available at our group hotels and the number of seats on our tour bus. A tour can sell out because we are out of hotel rooms, out of seats on our bus, or both.

We have a strict limit on the number of people we allow on the bus and intentionally do not sell all of the seats. This is to ensure the comfort of our tour guests who are on the bus.

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