Panama Entry Requirements

Airline Requirements

The requirements listed on this page are Panama's requirements for visitors to enter the country. It's possible your airline may have slightly different requirements for allowing you to board a flight to Panama. It's important that you check with your airline to understand their requirements for allowing you to fly to Panama.

You must meet both Panama's requirements and your airline's requirements in order to come to Panama.

COVID-Related Entry Requirements

See our Traveling to Panama During COVID page.


In order to enter Panama, you need a passport and your passport must be valid for 3-6 months beyond your date of arrival. See our Passport Requirements page if your passport expires less than 6 months after your date of arrival in Panama.

Visitor Visa

Passport holders from the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the UK, most countries in the EU, and many other countries are not required to obtain a visa before traveling to Panama. For more information about visitor visa requirements, visit this page.

Proof of Return Trip

U.S.A. and Canada passport holders are allowed to stay in Panama for 180 days as tourists. All other passport holders are allowed to stay in Panama for 90 days as tourists.

To board a flight to Panama, you are required to have proof that you will leave Panama within the allowed timeframe. Round-trip airfare works best for this.

Economic Solvency

Although it's rarely checked you are also required to have proof of economic solvency for a minimum of $500 USD. This could be $500 in cash or a bank statement showing you have at least $500.

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