Bocas del Toro

Getting to Bocas del Toro from Boquete After Your Tour

Making a trip to Bocas del Toro after your tour is easily doable. And it's definitely an awesome place to visit! It's best to go directly from Boquete. You do not need to return to Panama City first. We recommend taking a shuttle from Boquete to Bocas del Toro. Some companies that offer this service are:

HelloTravel Panama
** on that page select From "Boquete" and To "Bocas del Toro (island)". The price is currently $60.
Phone / WhatsApp: +507 6378-1097

Boquete Travel Express
Phone / WhatsApp: +507 6703-4458

Please note their websites may be out-of-date. You should contact them to confirm pricing, availability, pickup & drop-off location, and to make a reservation in advance.

We suggest staying on the main island so you will have easy access to hotels, places to eat, and shopping. Some hotels we recommend in Bocas del Toro are:

Getting back to Panama City from Bocas del Toro

The best way to get back to Panama City from Bocas del Toro is to take a flight on Air Panama from Bocas del Toro (BOC) to Albrook Airport (PAC) in Panama City. There are no flights offered from Bocas del Toro directly to Tocumen International Airport (PTY). So first, you will need to fly from Bocas del Toro to Albrook Airport which is a small airport located right in the middle of Panama City. Then from Albrook Airport, you will need to take taxi (around $30-40 cash only) out to Tocumen International Airport which will take around 45 minutes to an hour depending on traffic.

We do not include in-country flights from Bocas del Toro to Albrook Airport in the tour costs. The only in-country flights that are included in the tour costs are flights originating out of David.

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