About the Bank Account

During your Panama Relocation Tour you'll have the opportunity to open a bank account at a bank in Boquete. The bank has many locations throughout Panama and they have online banking available in both Spanish and English.

The bank account has:

  • No monthly or annual fee
  • Relatively high interest rate, 1.75% the last time we checked
  • Comes with a debit card* which can be used at stores and ATMs
    • *free the first year

Note you must have activity in your account every six months or the bank will freeze the account and it will be necessary to come into the bank to sign paperwork to unfreeze it. To keep your account active you either need to spend from the account or transfer money into the account at least every six months.

You will receive a debit card and online banking information at the same time you open a bank account. Your funds will be available immediately.

Have more questions about banking in Panama? Approximately 30 days before your Panama Relocation Tour we'll email you with more information about opening a bank account during your tour. At that time you'll also be given contact information for the bank to ask them questions directly.

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