Are Children Allowed on a Tour?

Our tours are intended for adults.

We spend many hours on the tour bus each day. While on the tour bus our tour guide is on the microphone educating you about serious topics like residency visas, health care, insurance, real estate, etc. We have had young children on the tour in the past and have found that they typically do not enjoy the tour. For this reason, we have these policies regarding children:

  • Under 10 years old: not allowed
  • 10-14 years old: allowed / use your discretion
  • 15 years old and up: welcomed

What is The Price for Children?

Each additional person in a room costs $2,000 USD regardless of age. There is a maximum of 4 people allowed per room. We require a deposit of $500 per person to make a reservation.

What Should I Do if I Have Young Children?

We recommend coming on a private tour instead. All ages are allowed on a private tour.

Alternatively, you could leave your children in the care of a trusted family member or friend while you come on the tour without them. On your next trip to Panama, after you have determined it's definitely a place you would consider relocating to, bring your children and do some additional exploring on your own.

Another idea is to have only one parent come on the tour to do the initial exploration of Panama. Once you determine it's a viable option you could return as a family to explore on your own.

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