Booking a tour for more than 2 people

Can more than two people come on one of our group tours? Absolutely!

Considering bringing your child? See our minimum age requirements.

Our website was only designed to accept reservations for parties of 1 or 2 people. However, we welcome larger parties.

If you will be in separate hotel rooms, you can simply make separate reservations. For example, to reserve space for 3 people in 2 hotel rooms, you would make one 2-person reservation and one 1-person reservation.

If you will be sharing a hotel room, for example, 3 people in 1 hotel room: First, make a reservation for 2 people. During checkout, indicate in the order notes that you would like to add a 3rd person to your room. After placing your order, we will email you instructions to pay the additional deposit.

The maximum number of people allowed to share a hotel room is 3 people. The total cost to add a 3rd person to a room is $2,000. We require an additional $500 deposit for the 3rd person.

Do not make travel plans until you receive confirmation from us that we were able to add the 3rd person to your room.

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