Arriving at Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City

If your flight out of David is arriving at Tocumen International Airport (PTY):

After getting off the plane you will be taken on a short shuttle bus ride to the domestic terminal. If necessary, collect your checked bags from the domestic terminal.

If you are staying at Tocumen International Airport to wait for your next flight

After you exit the domestic terminal walk next door to the international terminal. Go to the check-in counter for your airline and get checked in. Then go through airport security to get to your gate.

If you are spending the night at one of the hotels we recommended near the airport

After exiting the domestic terminal look for the airport shuttle for whichever hotel you selected. The shuttle bus is clearly marked with the name of your hotel and drives by about every 10-20 minutes to pick up hotel guests from the airport.

If you are traveling into central Panama City

We do not provide transportation into central Panama City after the tour. There are taxis available from the airport or you can use your phone to request an Uber.

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