Luggage Restrictions

We have strict luggage restrictions due to limited space on our tour bus.

Each person is allowed:

  • One carry-on-size bag (35lb / 16kg max weight)
  • One personal item like a purse, laptop bag, or small backpack.
  • A jacket, an umbrella, a camera, and a CPAP machine bag.

Additional, regular-size, and overweight bags are not allowed on our tour bus. See the Bringing More Luggage Than is Allowed section below if you need to bring more or larger luggage.

Please note we do not provide luggage assistance during the tour. You are responsible for getting your bag between the bus & your hotel room each day.

Complimentary laundry service is available on Wednesday during the tour (max 1 load per person). See our What to Pack page for a suggested packing list.

Carry-on-size bag

By carry-on-size bag, we mean a bag this is allowed in the overhead bin  on your flight to Panama. The maximum weight allowed is 35lb / 16kg.
Note that you will not be able to bring this bag into the passenger compartment of the bus. It will be stored under the bus while we are driving.

Regular-size bag

By regular-size bag, we mean a bag that must go in the cargo area of the plane  on your flight to Panama, because it is too large to fit in the overhead bin. The maximum weight allowed is 50lb / 23kg. See the  Bringing More Luggage Than is Allowed section below to learn how regular-size bags will be handled.

Personal item

Your personal item should fit underneath your seat.
This item can be brought in the passenger compartment of the bus.

Other items

In addition to your one carry-on-size bag and personal item, you can bring the following items on the bus:
  • A jacket
  • An umbrella
  • A camera
  • CPAP machine bag

Bringing More Luggage Than is Allowed

We understand there are some scenarios where you may need to bring more or larger luggage than is allowed on our tour bus. For example, if you are making a one-way move to Panama or have an extended vacation, you may want to bring an extra bag. If you will be bringing more luggage than is allowed, please contact us to let us know. In this case, we can have your extra bag picked up from our group hotel in Panama City on Saturday morning and delivered to our group hotel in Boquete on Wednesday afternoon. There is a $20 charge per shipped bag. Please contact us to request this service.

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