Luggage Restrictions

We strongly encourage each person to bring only:

  • One carry on size suitcase
  • One small personal item like a purse or small backpack

One larger suitcase is allowed in place of the carry on but we ask you to please not bring a large suitcase if at all possible. After completing over 100 tours we’ve found that bringing a carry on size suitcase will make your trip more enjoyable because:

  • It will make it easier & faster for you to get through the airports, immigration, and customs - which will help you to avoid missing a flight.
  • We do not provide luggage assistance. You will be responsible for getting your bag on & off the bus as well as to your hotel room each day.

Laundry service is available during the tour. See our What to Pack page for a suggested packing list.

Bringing More Luggage Than is Allowed

We understand there are some scenarios where you may need to bring more luggage than is allowed on our tour bus. For example, if you are making a one way move to Panama you may want to bring more bags. In this case:

You will not be able to bring your extra bags on our airport shuttles or tour bus. You will be responsible for arranging your own ground transportation from / to the airport.
You will need to either store your extra bags in Panama City or have them shipped to Boquete.
For having them shipped to Boquete we recommend a company called Fletes Chavale. This is a domestic shipping company with offices throughout Panama. You can take a taxi with your extra bags to one of their locations in Panama City and ask to have them delivered to their Boquete location. The last time we checked the cost was under $15 per bag. After you arrive in Boquete you will need to go to the Fletes Chavale store to pick up your bags.

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